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why vura music project

Vura Music Project is a response to the challenges that the Ma’di society has in relation to the gender issue

In this context, music has a series of strategic advantages that the project tries to exploit in order to change this approach of very marked genres. We could highlight the following positive aspects:

  1. Music does not understand sex or gender, there is no natural condition of men or women that allows us to be better musical interpreters. Everything will depend on the support that each boy or girl receives from their family and environment, allowing them to spend enough time practicing and developing their skills.

  2. Music is something that is done in a group, in a co-implicative way and in search of synergy. The final result does not depend at all on how well a person plays their instruments, but rather on the capacity for rapport and blending that the group has. This idea is reflected in the best possible way through the Maduga Band, an essential part of the project.

  3. Music is a long-term learning process, where you can’t cheat and to reach a high level, you have to dedicate hours for years. In this way we escape from the traps of immediacy of our current societies

After almost 10 years of experience, although guaranteed access for girls to our project continues to be a challenge due to the given context, we believe that the primary objective of normalizing the participation of girls, without being looked down upon by the children, it is something that has already been achieved. Within the Vura Music Project, men and women feel in their environment and work together to improve their skills and musical results every day. Now there is a long way to go so that families can also make these values their own.