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Cooperative Growth – Uganda

Cooperative Growrh – Uganda is an NGO with its headquarters in Moyo (Uganda), arising from the need to give its own legal entity to the entire context of the Vura Music Project. Its main hallmark is culture, since what this young organization seeks is to have a profound impact on the habits of the local population. The reason for emphasizing this aspect is the great social disruption that the Ma’di ethnic group, the majority in Moyo and Adjumani, has experienced in the last three decades.

In addition to developing the Vura Music Project and the Manuela Project, there is a work team developing an agricultural project, Ruddu Hwe, dedicated to increasing the production of organic vegetables and fruits, in order to supply local markets with their own production, not imported from other regions of the country, as is the case today.

All the interventions of the NGO have cooperation or synergy as their main value, a value that requires the integration of all people, regardless of their gender, religion or nationality. Participants grow in an environment where one supports the other and generates resilience structures to face the challenges of climate change and those of a social nature.