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Something our NGO was always seeking for was that the members could feel part of the projects going on in Uganda. Despite that, these projects are are always arising from the local communities in Uganda, therefore the members of Solidarios con Arua / Arua Elkartasuna have to listen to the voices coming oversees, understand the message that was delivered and, with that information, decide where to give their support. It if out of this way of partnering the Twinning comes from, through a close touch, as far as the long distance allows, between the members of the NGO and the addressees of the projects.


The work is always done starting from shared needs and objectives and through common efforts in the same direction.


In a context os synergy, integration is a necessary step. How could you generate synergy if a substantial part of the society remains out of the equation? It is precisely about fighting against one of the most elemental items of the materialism, the principal of distinction. On this regards, the integration of women on every initiative by our NGO is basic, not in a way they take a similar space to men, but under a different social paradigm on which women are party to it form the design stage, making it possible to fully identify with the project, the same way men do. No need to say that distinctions based on ethnicity of religion are equally rejected within our NGO. Women integration is emphasized because experience shown us that, in the West Nile Region context, a Christian has no issues working with a Muslim, while gender in many contexts in Uganda is still reason for rejection and undermine.


All initiatives by our NGO are design to generate a long lasting impact. Either through specific technical trainings or through a change of understanding in the society, the beneficiaries of the projects will become ready to face their lives with more resilience.