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At Solidarios con Arua/Arua Elkartasuna we promote transparency and accountability towards all our actors, partners, public and private donors, people and organizations with and for which we work, and society as a whole. Transparency is the basic principle that governs our internal management, guaranteeing good practices and promoting efficiency and effectiveness in achieving our goals.

To do this, we make use of different monitoring and evaluation instruments, external and internal, with the ultimate goal of reinforcing our commitment to our stakeholders and identifying areas for improvement in our internal management as part of a process of continuous improvement.

Since the creation of our website in April 2021, we will use this channel to make the entity’s annual activity reports visible and available to all interested parties. In economic matters, it is our intention to start conducting annual audits. So far, our accounts approved by the Assembly are deposited and delivered to the AECID Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation.