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Project progress

Manuela Project

Project Progress

The project

Website design
Updating 90%
Drafting of the project
Final draft of the project 100%
Search for members/partners
Ongoing campaign 100%
Creation of support groups
Support group is active 100%

The Centre

Hiring of local proffesionals
6 people hired. Beginning of activities in July 2021 90%
Training of local professional workers
Three month of internship at Mukisa Foundation completed 90%
Commissioning of the Centre
Provisional Centre agreement: Bilinyo Cultural Centre 75%
Funding for the construction
Agreement with the Villava/Atarrabia Town Council for the financing of the Centre 80%
Design of the endowments and equipment of the future center
Meetings with specialists 50%
Purchase of the land
Land acquired 100%
Design of the Centre
Project designed 100%
Construction of the Centre
Centre under construction 30%
Equipment and commissioning